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Conflict Management Strategies For Managers:
What To Do When Conflict Erupts


3 days.
Portions of this seminar can also be offered in half-day, 1-day, and 2-day formats.


If you are in any position of leadership, you must manage conflict among others and between yourself and others. This workshop will give you two specific approaches to managing conflict. One is a manager-as-mediator technique. You will be able to use it immediately to manage conflicts between people who report to you or who look to you for guidance. The second is a technique for resolving your own conflicts with others. You will also be able to use it immediately.

In addition, you will assess your own personal strategies for handling conflict using The Conflict Lens instrument. You will build on that assessment to identify when other strategies will be more successful... and when you are naturally doing it right.

Organizations are most successful when individuals use constructive strategies. Decisions are more often right, productivity and efficiency are high, and the organization's goals are met. When individuals use destructive conflict management strategies, effort is wasted with bickering, undermining, and distraction.

Each of us is more satisfied and successful when we use constructive strategies. We feel comfortable even when there are differences of opinion. We resolve differences of opinion in the best interests of everyone involved. We are supportive of others, they are supportive of us, we all are successful.

The Conflict Lens is a unique way of helping you understand how you actually handle conflict. You will look at two real conflicts that you have experienced. Your self-assessment will be based on those real conflicts, not on abstract conflict generalized across many situations. Your profile will allow you to see yourself in a new way and choose alternative strategies when appropriate, including choosing when as a manager to act as a mediator and when to approach others to resolve your conflicts with them.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who has leadership responsibility in business, government, or nonprofit organizations. Executives, project managers, human resources professionals, team leaders, line managers, and supervisors can all benefit. If others look to you to manage conflict, this course will give you valuable skills to meet the challenge. If you are in conflict with others, this course will help you reduce, and in some cases eliminate, that conflict.

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