Process Consulting

We examine how you and those you work with do your work to help you improve. This includes team building, improving meetings, goal setting, problem solving, and conflict management.

Survey and Survey Feedback

We find out how those who work for you feel and what they think. We then present this information to you alone as well as to all involved and facilitate problem solving and action planning.

Building High-Performance Teams

We help you identify your teams' strengths and weaknesses and design interventions, seminars or retreats to improve productivity, quality and cost containment.

Management of Workplace Conflict

We team with Mediation Training Institute International (MTI) and recommend some of their conflict management tools to bring our clients the best strategies for managing workplace conflict. We also recommend The Conflict Lens, a diagnostic tool created by Creative Metrics, LLC.

How much is conflict costing your organization?

MTI offers a free online calculator called the Dana Measure of Financial Cost of Organizational Conflict to help you find out.

Click the "email" button below to get download instructions and a password. You'll get a reply within 60 seconds.

If you wish to receive a telephone call to interpret your results, and to learn how your results compare with those of others, include your contact information in the email message that is created when you click the button.


This resource is made available in cooperation with the Mediation Training Institute International (MTI).

Facilitating Large and Small Events

We clarify outcomes for events and design meetings to maximize information flow, attentiveness, and enthusiasm of all involved.

Speeches and Presentations

We stimulate thinking and commitment to more effective communication and management with dynamic presentations. We focus on high audience involvement to generate enthusiasm and maximum retention.


We teach with dynamic presentations, high participant involvement, and state-of-the-art techniques. Available seminars include:

Building High-Performance Teams
One-half to three days. Custom designed for your needs.
How To Resolve Conflict With Others: The Seminar for All Employees
2 days preferred. Portions can be offered for one-half or one day.
Conflict Management Strategies For Managers: What To Do When Conflict Erupts
3 days preferred. Portions can be offered for a half-day, one day, or two days.